SUP-P260 잠수정 레벨 미터

SUP-P260 잠수정 레벨 미터

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SUP-P260 series submersible level meter are completely sealed for submersion in liquid, can be used to measure water level, well depth, groundwater leverl and so on type, common accuracy is 0.5%FS,with voltage or 4-20mA output signals Features Range:0~0.5m…200mAccuracy:0.5% F.SOutput signal: 4~20mA; 0~10V; 0~5VPower supply:24VDC; 12VDCTel.: +86 15867127446 (WhatApp)Email : info@Sinomeasure.com

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모델 SUP-P260
측정 범위 0~0.5m… 200m
정확성 0.5%
보상 온도 -10 ~ 70℃
출력 신호 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V
압력 과부하 150%FS
전원 공급 장치 24VDC;12VDC
작동 온도 -20 ~ 60℃
전체 재료 스테인리스 스틸 프로브;

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